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Intelligent Song Festival “No kidding” (“Bez Lipy”)

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Enough of the musical fast food! Down with the popcultural kitsch fed to the audience. It’s time for art created under the title “No kidding” – for art with a valuable message and real emotions, with no tinsel and superficiality. Such assumptions are encouraged by the organizers of the festival, whose first edition was held in 2009. Since then every July or August, original, rebellious melodies and songs, with intelligent content, which lead to reflection, are performed in the Czesław Niemen Amphitheatre. During the concerts, the artists present a wide variety of music genres, which apart from being an important medium combine originality and commitment. Therefore, the stage hosts various personalities such as Renata Przemyk, Maria Peszek, Lech Janerka or Katarzyna Nosowska, and the music of Waglewski, Kult, Strachy na Lachy, Lao Che or Armia. This two-day festival is organized within the framework of the Olsztyn Artistic Summer.

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