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The International Festival “Olsztyn Blues Nights”

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There are summer days when melancholic rhythms from the far off Mississippi flow over the Łyna River, which has been happening since 1984. It is true, however, that after the second edition of “Olsztyn Blues Nights” the festival wasn’t organised for several years, but it was reactivated in 1994 and now it enjoys an unflagging popularity.
Every year on the second weekend of July, leading performers of Polish blues and foreign stars of the first format are coming to Olsztyn. Their evening concerts at the Czesław Niemen Amphitheatre collect large numbers of fans of the genre and good music in general. Before the event eventually settled firmly in this place, it used to wander around the city: it was hosted at the stadium, in the Hall “Urania” and by Lake Ukiel. Over the years also its formula had been evolving.
Today, during each festival edition, dozens of bluesmen perform on three stages. The concerts of well-known performers are accompanied by the presentations of young bands, and the best of them becomes a guest for the next year's event. Since 1996, the festival has operated within the Olsztyn Artistic Summer, and since 1999 it has been organized by the Town Cultural Centre. In 2003, the efforts of the organizers and the unique atmosphere of the “Olsztyn Blues Nights” were highly appreciated by the fans themselves. In the plebiscite of the magazine “Your Blues” they found the festival the most interesting blues event of the year!
Information about the current edition of one of the oldest blues events in the country can be found on its website.

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