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Olsztyn Theatre Meetings

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With the nature awakening to life, a culture arouses from a winter torpor. Here, in the city of Olsztyn, the spring brings an overview of contemporary drama called the Olsztyn Theatre Meetings. This rich formula is organized since 1993 by the Theatre of Stefan Jaracz. Its aim is to present the audience with the most interesting achievements of Polish and overseas  theaters, as well as to show current trends in contemporary drama. During a couple of days, the viewers get the opportunity to encounter a variety of conventions, styles, aesthetics and themes of this particular art. On the Olsztyn’s stages numerous ways of acting expressions are hosted - from dance theater, through the musical and dramatic performances, to pantomime, monodrama, and the concerts. The traditional interpretations adjacent to the avant-garde, and the performances of the new artists to the young art students. As part of Olsztyn Theatre Meetings there are also meetings with the people of the theater, which allows to establish
a deeper dialogue between artists and audience. Thanks to its diversity, this March event has
a continuing and growing popularity. The finale of the festival is the Theatre Gala, on the occasion of the International Theatre Day. The results of the plebiscite “Theatre Creation of the Year” are announced, which are aimed at enhancing the best roles among ‘s actors.
The current information about the festival is available on site.

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