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TOP 10 in Olsztyn

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1.    The Castle of the Warmian Chapter
This impressive Gothic castle has been the flagship monument of Olsztyn for six hundred years. It is worthwhile visiting, even for a while, to be in the same chambers Mikołaj Kopernik used to be in, or to see the city view from the castle tower.

2.    The Planetarium and Astronomic Observatory
One can reach the stars directly from Olsztyn! The largest planetarium in the region has been facilitated with the modern projection equipment. What is more, the nearby astronomic observatory invites people to watch the Sun and the night sky "live".

3.    The co-cathedral basilica of Saint Jacob the Apostle
This is the oldest and the most splendid church in the city. In 1991, John Paul II celebrated the Holy Mass in the historical Gothic building of the church. Olsztyn Organ Concerts are held here in the summer.

4.    "Aquasfera"
The modern recreation and sport centre is a perfect place to spend free time at. An artificial river and twisting slides will most certainly be real fun for the children, and Jacuzzis or water cascades will help the adults relax. The sport part of the facility has an Olympic-size swimming pool.

5.    Kortowo and "Kortowiada"
This is one of a kind campus which agglomerates the majority of the university's educational buildings and hall of residence. Additionally, it is situated in the picturesque nature landscape, by Kortowskie Lake. As if that there was not enough, this is the place in which is held the famous in the whole country yearly student carnival - "Kortowiada".

6.    Olsztyn Artistic Summer
One can never get bored in Olsztyn during summer. The residents and the tourists can be in contact with culture and have fun thanks to OLA (Olsztyn Artistic Summer) which is a three-month festival. It includes a cycle of music, theatre and entertainment events, which are mainly held at the Amphitheatre of Czesław Niemen and in the Old Town.

7.    11 lakes
Is there another town which has a dozen of lakes within its area? Only in Olsztyn! The nature, you will find anywhere else, perfectly fits in the urban landscape. And is there something better in Warmia and Masuria than relaxation by the water and on the water?

8.    The City Forest
The largest forest complex in Europe located within city territory covers approx. 15 per cent of the area of Olsztyn. It allows a close contact with nature available just a few steps from the city centre. The City Forest is a place that encourages to recreation cut by cycling paths and hiking trails.

9.    Mikołaj Kopernik (Nicolaus Copernicus)
Although this well-known astronomer spent only several years in Olsztyn, he significantly influenced the city. He defended it against the Teutonic Order, conducted here some of his astronomic observations, and wrote a paper on coinage reform. Today, he eagerly poses to have a picture taken - with everybody who wants to sit beside him on a bench.

10.     Wysoka Brama (The High Gate)
It used to defend the city entrance, now is widely open for visitors. It is the embellishment of the old town and is the best preserved element of the Gothic fortifications in Olsztyn.

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11.    Regional beers from Olsztyn
When visiting Olsztyn, one must try the beer produced by "Kormoran" Brewery. The beverages are made there according to the oldest brewing traditions and are based on old regional recipes. They have been awarded the Culinary Heritage Warmia Masuria Powiśle certificate.

12. BWA Art Gallery in Olsztyn
Within the Gallery’s own collection there are mainly paintings and graphics. The collection is constantly enriched thanks to the Quadriennale of Polish Woodcut and Linocut (Quadriennale Drzeworytu i Linorytu Polskiego) which have been held since 1975. Moreover, since 1998, BWA organises the Olsztyn Biennale of Arts (Olsztyńskie Biennale Sztuki) which enables the local artistic circles to present their accomplishments.

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