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Olsztyn and motor sports

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Motor sports raise the level of adrenaline of both the contestants and the audience. They attract people with both their spectacular display and their emotions – which are at the highest speed possible. The Olsztyn climate and terrain seem to have favourable conditions, since a set of motor events is organized here and this is the place the best drivers come from.

The first person who made the city famous as a rally centre was Marian Bublewicz (1950-1993). After years, such great drivers as Krzysztof Hołowczyc or Zbigniew Staniszewski followed his “route”.

On gravel and asphalt

The Olsztyn region is the place where the best rallies in Poland on gravel roads are held. The most prestigious is the Polish Rally which forms a round of the Polish and European Championships. But Olsztyn itself has also something to be proud of. From here is launched and has its base the reputable Warmian Rally, which serves as an elimination round of the regional Szuter Cup.
Fans love the fast, bouncy, and very often technical gravel roads near Olsztyn. The drivers push themselves and their vehicles to the limits and win the audience's hearts. The Warmian Rally gathers the leading Polish drivers and, as a tradition, starts with a prologue on the racing track of the Olsztyn stadium. The prologue results are not included into the general classification, so the drivers may afford fancy maneuvers.
Years ago, the Kormoran Rally, which had its start in Olsztyn, was a rally of high standing. Nowadays, in Poland the very first rally and social event "The Rally of 1001 Lakes – Rally Warmian Legends" refers to that legendary rally and to one of the historical names. On the track, drivers participate with vehicles that were produced in the last four decades of the previous century.

On two wheels and 1/4 of a mile

The enthusiasts of motorcycles will also not want to complain in the capital of Warmia and Masuria. They will find here a magnificent motocross course where fans of harsh riding on bumps can let off some steam. There is also something to look at, since the best race here regularly takes place during the annual Motocross North Region Championships and other local competitions, and also national events, or even European championships.
The roads of two and four-wheelers very often cross. The former and the latter meet together at the annual Moto Piknik "No Limit" in Dajtki. The runway of the local airport serves then as the track for 1/4 mile races, in which participate both hellishly strong cars and motors as well. The event's schedule will also draw the attention of people interested in four-wheel drive vehicles, motocross, gravel races, quads, or historic vehicles.
The 1/4 mile races become even more thrilling when they take place during night on the city streets. Such attractions are provided by the "Night Power" competition, where the amateur owners of powerful vehicles race each other in the light of the lamp-posts.

Historical vehicles and modern recreation

A nice treat waits for the enthusiasts of old vehicles, since Olsztyn is the place where regularly are held rallies and exhibitions of classic cars named "The beautiful classics in Warmia". Motorcyclists, however, have the "Rotor Raid" organized by the Olsztyn Club of Classic Motorcycles Enthusiasts "Rotor", in which only machines produced before 1985 can participate.
The first step on becoming the master of the wheel can be taken on the Go-Cart Track "Kormoran" managed by the rally driver Zbigniew Staniszewski. It is the only professional object in the region where people can learn and enhance their skills in this aspect.
The successive annual editions of the "Driving with the Master" which are organized during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, also help improve one's driving techniques. During this event there is also a vehicle exhibition and the chance to ride in historic cars.
Of course, the capital of the Land of a Thousand Lakes should also have some place for water accents. In the winter take place legal rallies and shows on the frozen lake of Ukiel (Krzywe) which successfully warm up the audience with their spectacular show.
The current information on the competition and other motor events organized by Olsztyn clubs can be found in the event schedule at events calendar.

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