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Olsztyn echoes with music

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The capital of Warmia and Masuria is usually a quiet and peaceful city. However, there are days when the pace of life becomes faster and gains momentum. This is when the city's area is filled with the sounds of music and catchy melodies flood the streets.

This is the place where the famous composer Feliks Nowowiejski played in the dragoon regiment orchestra and played the organ in the Saint James's basilica at the turn of the XIXth and the XXth century. Nowadays, many famous Polish music artists come from this city and numerous music festivals and concerts have taken their honorable places in the events calendar.

The music repertoire of Olsztyn

The beginning of the summer is the time which has the most events. Already in May, a foretaste is provided by "Kortowiada", that is, the Olsztyn yearly student carnival, where several stages gather bands of various music genres. In June, on the other hand, starts the Olsztyn Artistic Summer full of many strictly musical events or such events of which music is a very significant part. The performance spectrum is wide and adjusted to various tastes and likings – from sung poetry concerts and chamber music to folklore, jazz, rock and even heavier sounds.
Among periodic events one will find:
•    Cavata na Olsztyńskim Zamku (The Cavata at the Olsztyn Castle)
•    Europejskie Dni Kultury i Sztuki Ulicznej "Bruk Festival" (The European Days of Street Culture and Art "Bruk Festival")
•    Festiwal Piosenki Inteligentnej "Bez Lipy" (The Intelligent Song Festival "Bez Lipy")
•    Chamber music concerts
•    Letnie Dobranocki Bluesowe (The Summer Blues Lullabies)
•    Międzynarodowe Olsztyńskie Dni Folkloru "Warmia" (The International Olsztyn Days of Folklore "Warmia")
•    Międzynarodowy Festiwal "Olsztyńskie Noce Bluesowe" (The International Olsztyn Blues Nights Festival)
•    Ogólnopolskie Spotkania Zamkowe "Śpiewajmy Poezję" (The National Castle Meetings "Let's Sing Poetry")
•    Olsztyńska Ofensywa Muzyczna (Olsztyn Music Attack)
•    Feliks Nowowiejski Olsztyn organ concerts
•    Staromiejskie Spotkania z Szantą (The Oldtown Meetings with shanties)
A permanent place in the repertoire is also occupied by: Roma Festives, Opera Galas, performances of the Summer Stars (that is world-class musicians), and Niemen's Day during which famous Polish vocalists sing songs of the legendary artist. Indie and alternative music echoes in the city during the events organized by the Olsztyn Old Underground group. Numerous concerts accompany such events as the Saint James's Days, the Warmian Festival of Brewery Heritage, or the Warmian Christmas Market. In 2013, the entire city was given over to musicians as a part of the action called "Fête de la Musique".

The musical city map

The majority of summer concerts is held in the Olsztyn Old Town. Their main stage is the amphitheatre of Czesław Niemen, but they also take place on the Old Town Stage, the Fish Market and the castle's courtyard. During many of the music events, the streets of the Old Town, the Castle Grounds Park, or the Jakubowo Park also become a stage for music performances.
During the off-season, the music life is being transferred to the numerous clubs (mainly located in the old town and in Kortowo) and to culture institutions. Ticketed music performances are held in the Education and Culture Initiatives Centre, the amphitheatre's underground, the halls of the Municipal Cultural Centre, or the clubs "Nowy Andregrant" and "Clava Manum". Musical evenings are also organized in pubs and coffee houses. A significant spot on the musical city map is occupied by the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic Orchestra of Feliks Nowowiejski which pleases music lovers with its classical tones.

Olsztyn alphabet of stars

The music life in Olsztyn flourishes. As a proof one can recall e.g. the profusion of successful choirs. Suffice it to say that there are ensembles such as: the University of Warmia and Masuria Choir of prof. Wiktor Wawrzyczek, the academic choir "Bel Canto" of the University of Information Technology and Economics TWP, the Olsztyn Chamber Choir "Collegium Musicum", the "Moderato" Vocal Band, the "Medici pro Musica" doctor's choir, the Teacher Choir "Collegium Baccalarum", or the Chamber North Eastern and Southern Music Band "Pro Forma".
The city is promoted in Poland and in the world by artists who represent various music genres. Among them, one will find musicians such as:
Big Day
Czerwony Tulipan (The Red Tulip)
Kaczki z Nowej Paczki (The New Pack Ducks)
Pro Musica Antiqua
Romantycy lekkich obyczajów (The Easy Virtue Romantics)
Wodny patrol (The Water Patrol)

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