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Olsztyn in movies

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The relations of Olsztyn and movies are numerous and various. This is the place where the director Juliusz Machulski and the actress Izabela Trojanowska were born. The actors who work day-to-day in the Olsztyn theatre have participated in many productions. And while being a picturesque city rich in architectural gems and natural landscapes, the capital of Warmia and Masuria has very often been a movie plan.

This potential has already been discovered by several directors, who make movies for the cinema and for the television as well. The city streets have been, then, the host for many well-known heroes from the screen and have become a vivid background for their adventures.

The adventure with Hans Kloss

Olsztyn has played, so far, the role of its life in the legendary "Stawka większa niż życie" (Stakes Larger than Life) in 1967. Here, five of the eighteen episodes of this TV series were shot: "Wiem, kim jesteś" (1st "I Know Who You Are"), "Podwójny nelson" (7th "The Double Nelson Hold") and "Wielka wsypa"(8th "The Large Island") directed by Janusz Morgenstern, and "Oblężenie" (15th "The Siege") and "Spotkanie" (17th "The Meeting") directed by Andrzej Konic.
Many characteristic objects and places were caught in the frames, i.a. The detention centre and the building of the old regency at the Piłsudskiego Alley, the Castle Grounds Park and the Old Town – the Old City Hall and streets Kołłątaja, Okopowa, Mieszka I and Bolesława Chrobrego – as well as the surroundings of the lakes Skanda and Kortowskie, and also the bridge over the Wadąg.
In order to commemorate the Olsztyn adventure with Hans Kloss, a memorial board of Zaułek "Stawki większej niż życie" (the Alley of "Stakes Larger than Life") was unveiled in 2004.

First movie steps

However, Antoni Bohdziewicz was the first to discover the Olsztyn setting. In 1964, there were several scenes shot for his "Wilczy bilet" ("The Wolf Ticket"). Places which were changed into the movie plan were: the militia casino at Dąbrowszczaków Street, the Theatre Coffee Shop at 1 Maja Street and the area near Skanda Lake.
Two years later, Jan Rutkiewicz followed in the steps of Bohdziewicz and in 1966 set within the scenery of the Old Town, the Fish Market and the municipal beach the plot of the movie titled "Kochajmy syrenki" ("We Should Love Sirens"), with Bohdan Łazuka and Jacek Fedorowicz playing the main roles. The old trams were caught in one of the scenes.
For the next team of movie makers the city had to wait for 20 years. In 1983, Roman Załuski came to the city. One of the first scenes from his movie "Jeśli się odnajdziemy" ("If We Ever Find Each Other") takes places at the corner of the streets of Dąbrowszczaków and Piłsudskiego, while the shape of the city hall appears in the background.

In a movie manner into the XXIst century

In 2002, Olsztyn became one of the settings of the Polish-German production "Dwie miłości" ("Two Loves") directed by Mirosław Borek, with Robert Gonera playing the main role. This is also where in 2011 the plot of "Dotknięty" ("The Affected"), the short movie by Michał Bartosiewicz, took place 2011 and in which the main role was played by the Olsztyn actor Grzegorz Gromek.
In the same year, in the cinema "Awangarda 2", took place the première of the comedy "Taxi A" by Marcin Korneluk, which was almost shot entirely in Olsztyn. In the movie, the actors of the Olsztyn theatre played next to famous Polish actors such as Marian Dziędziel, Jerzy Bończak or Paulina Holz.

Olsztyn in TV series

In 1967, were taken the shots for the TV series "Szaleństwo Majki Skowron" ("The Folly of Majka Skowron") which tells the romantic story of two rebellious teenagers.
Olsztyn is also visible in the newest TV productions. It has been present in the episodes of the TV series "Magda M." and "Dom nad rozlewiskiem" ("The House by the Lake"). It appeared for a short time in the thriller "Kameleon" directed by the current director of the Stefan Jaracz Theatre – Janusz Kijowski. The première of the movie version of this small series also took place in the city.

The evidence of the past

Due to the events that took place in the past in Warmia and Masuria, Olsztyn also become the natural, but episodic, background for "Róża" directed by Wojciech Smarzowski. In 2010, the dramatic events that took place in Włodowo from 2005 were transferred to the screen. The shoots for the movie "Lincz" ("The Lynch") by Krzysztof Łukaszewicz were taken i.a. in Olsztyn and near Gietrzwałd.
In nearby Pasym in 2008 was created the psychological drama directed by Jerzy Skolimowski – "Cztery noce z Anną" ("Four Nights with Anna"), where the main male role was played by the Olsztyn actor Artur Steranko. In 2013 in the capital of Warmia and Masuria there was held the première of the movie "Papusza" directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze that was shot in Orneta, but Gypsies i.a. from Olsztyn also played in the movie.

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