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Regional cuisine in Olsztyn

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Warmian cuisine is, most of all, a variety of flavours that resemble the history of these lands, on which the influences of many ethnic and cultural groups have overlapped. Thus, many cuisine traditions have overlapped as well.


The region's cuisine is a mixture of Old-Polish, Masurian traditions, and also traditions from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Kresy Wschodnie (in free translation: the Eastern Borderlands). It is rich in dishes made from meat, cabbage and potatoes, as well as flour-based dishes – dumplings and noodles, e.g. Warmian dzyndzałki. We cannot forget too about fish, which are one of the treasures of Warmia and Masuria. Among all the species, the most popular fish used in the cuisine are: pike, pikeperch, eel, whitefish, and perch. One can try the freshly-prepared regional dishes in the numerous gastronomic places that can be found in the city.


In the net of the Culinary Heritage

Every year, more and more food producers and restaurant owners are present in Olsztyn who belong to the network of Dziedzictwo Kulturowe Warmia Mazury Powiśle (the Culinary Heritage Warmia Masuria Powiśle). The idea for cultivating and promoting the natural and regional food was born in Scandinavia in the 1990s. The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship was the first in Poland that joined this international movement. Since March 2013, the producers who belong to Dziedzictwo Kulinarne Warmia Mazury Powiśle present their goods at the Kiermasz Żywności Naturalnej i Tradycyjnej (the National and Traditional Food Fair). One can buy here breadstuff, cheese, fish, cooked meats, honey and other delicacies – locally produced in a traditional way. The fair is held regularly, a few times in a year.

The current list of the network's members:

Stands with regional food can be found also during other city events, e.g. summer Jarmarku Jakubowy (the Jakubowy Fair), or Christmas – the Christmas Warmian Fair.

The land of beer

One of the regional products Olsztyn is famous for, is the beer brewed in the local brewery "Kormoran". Based on traditional recipes, the unpasteurized ale is a real gem for gourmets. The brewery has a wide scope of beers in their offer, starting with classic beer, through flavoured ones, to beers inspired by recipes from all over the world, or even lavender beer without hops. People can taste the regional beers in numerous Olsztyn pubs.

The duty of all beer lovers is to participate in the Festiwal Dziedzictwa Browarniczego (the Brewery Heritage Festival) which is held every year during summer. It promotes the region's brewing traditions, which date back to the medieval times. The Festival is a perfect opportunity to learn about the rich history and everything Warmia has currently to offer when it comes to this golden repast. Also amateur brewers may present here their achievements.

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