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Olsztyn national cuisines

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When in Olsztyn, it is worthwhile to taste the regional dishes that will not be found anywhere else. But if we just want to, we will also be able to taste the delicacies of countries from several continents. Let us take then our taste buds on a culinary trip!

The XXIst century is the time of globalization, which also results in the free overlapping of culinary cultures. This is why today no one will be surprised at the opportunity to order dishes from the most distant corners of the world.


Middle-East and Asian cuisine

We start our wandering along the national cuisine trail with the Far East. "Golden Dragon" and "China Town" are restaurants which specialize in the Chinese cuisine. We will find Chinese food in the "Shanghai Bistro" pub – and its twin pub called "Sqshi Sushi"... will tempt us with its sushi. Exquisite Japanese delicacies wait for us at the restaurants "Yoko Sushi", „Jiro” and "Przystań" (Haven).
Our appetite for Middle-East dishes will be satisfied in the "Hammurabi" restaurant, which has two locations, and in "Sphinx". Pubs with kebab inspired by Arabian and Turkish food can be found in the city centre and in the old town, in Kortowo, but also scattered in other housing estates.

American cuisine

With only one jump we cross the ocean and find ourselves in the homeland of fast food. In Olsztyn, there are present the worldwide recognizable chains of McDonald’s and KFC, each having two restaurants. American-style pizzas and hamburgers can be found in three localities of the "Ravioli Street" chain. What is more, we can buy the classic American hamburgers or portions of chicken in many bars in town and also in the mobile truck food restaurants.

Italian cuisine

We start the European voyage through Olsztyn with Italian cuisine. The Sicilian atmosphere can be found in the restaurant called "Włoska Weranda" (The Italian Porch). The menu of the "Malta Cafe" restaurant is full of cuisine classics of the Apennine Peninsula. The enthusiasts of Italian food will also feel comfortable in the restaurants "Peperoni", "Via Napoli" and "Park Cafe". The most famous dish from Italy – pizza – tempts with all its various forms on the menus of numerous Olsztyn pizzerias that also offer delivery after ordering by phone or by the Internet. The majority of restaurants that specialize in pizza will be found in the Old Town, along Wilczyńskiego Street – the main communication artery of the Jaroty residential area, and also near Żeromskiego Street, next to the railway station "Olsztyn Główny".

Greek, Serbian, and Russian cuisine

If we want to feel as if in Greece, our steps should be taken towards the local restaurant chain "Greco". Its interior is seized by the atmosphere of a Hellenic tavern and the menu – by the delicacies of this place.
From here, there are only a few steps to the slightly closer region of the Balkans. Serbian tidbits, mainly based on beef, will be found in the "Jam-Jam Grill" bar.
Midway between Asia and Europe we will meet Russia. In Olsztyn, the traditional Russian cuisine can be encountered in the "Katiusza" bar. Its elements are also present in the restaurant "Pod Samowarem" (The Samovar). We will taste the so-called "borderland cuisine", which to some extent remains under the influence of the Russian cuisine, in the "Wileńska" restaurant.

One cuisine of many nations

In many Olsztyn restaurants one will currently find dishes of Mediterranean, European or international cuisines. The style of fusion restaurants is becoming more and more popular since it allows joining the most interesting elements of different national cuisines into one. One can find such restaurants by themselves by using the information on Olsztyn gastronomy – collected on the website.

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