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Olsztyn for cyclists

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With every year, Olsztyn becomes a place that is more and more friendly for people who prefer travelling or learning about the city while on two wheels. The enthusiasts of using bicycles for sports purposes can also find for themselves an attractive offer in the capital of Warmia and Masuria.

The number of places which people can reach without getting off their two-wheel vehicles is constantly growing – with trails more often crossing streets via passages. What is also increasing is the number of bike stands that appear near the public utility institutions, as well as near companies. Almost every city's investment involves establishing a bike infrastructure.

Cycling trails and paths

Those who prefer cycling on less paved surfaces will also be satisfied in Olsztyn. In the western part of the City Forest, there has been organized the Cycling Trail Network, within which four trails (green, yellow, red and black) offer their charms to cyclists of all experience levels.
In Olsztyn start six longer trails which allow visiting the surrounding communes and further (black, and red, leading to Łajs, red leading to Stare Jabłonki, and the yellow, "I go, DO NOT REFUEL", trail). The sixth one is the Niborski Highroad, which is unique due to the fact that it leads along an original medieval track.
Apart from the strictly concerned bike trails, cyclists can make use of the tourist hiking trails marked out in Olsztyn and its surrounding areas too, or just make use of the numerous forest paths. It is also worthwhile to join the bike trips suggested on the cycling trip website ("Along the Olsztyn Lakes" or "Manors and Palaces of Olsztyn").

Objects and facilities

In this city with its growing cycling potential, there are many sports and recreational events in which two-wheeled vehicles play the main role. There are several tens of them taking place every year. These are i.a. trips and training sessions within the project "Olsztyn. Actively!", cycling marathons (e.g. the Mazovia MTB Marathon), triathlon competitions, urban games and other diverse rides.
One can find extreme experience while on the red and black trail of the City Forest's network, and within the area of the "Wąwóz" Bikepark which has also conditions suitable for making one's first attempts in the so-called "gravity" biking. In the Park of Janusz Kusociński, on the other hand, functions an open-air skate park where people can let off some steam while under the watchful eye of the coordinators. If we like to put more effort into cycling on the road, the "Olsztyn Road Meetings" will be helpful, since we will be able to train over longer distances in a larger companionship.

Rental shops and resources

In order to make use of all the attractions for cyclists, one does not need to bring his or her own bike with them. There are several bicycle rental shops in Olsztyn where we can equip ourselves with everything that is necessary. These rentals offer vehicles of various classes as well as diverse conditions for using them.
The city's offer for bike enthusiasts is complemented by its bike shops, where one can buy the equipment and accessories at various price levels, but also – nearby these shops – professional servicing points. Regardless of age, endurance and experience, every fan of cycling will find in Olsztyn something for themselves!

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