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The Olsztyn Hymn

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The official song and bugle of Olsztyn is the “Hymn of Warmia”, also known under the title “Oh, My Beloved Warmia” (“O Warmio moja miła”). The work was written in 1920 during a plebiscite in order to reassure and mobilize the Polish population in Warmia to fight for their rights. The melody of this patriotic song was composed by Feliks Nowowiejski. The text of the hymn was published in the Olsztyn Daily (Gazeta Olsztyńska) on 18 May 1920.  Its authors were most likely Maria Paruszewska, Władysław Bełza and, the brother of the composer, Rudolf Nowowiejski. The first performance of the song took place at a concert, a month before the plebiscite in the garden of the castle in Olsztyn.

The melody of the hymn was officially played only in 1947, and was performed on the trumpet from the town hall tower. Soon, the daily bugle was put to an end as the full-time trumpeter in the fire service was dismissed. From 1969, the melody was played by the chimes. And, on 31 October 2009, the bugle returned in a grand manner. And from now, on every day at noon, this uplifting song is played from the city town hall by the blind trumpeter Danel Rupiński.

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