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Coat of Arms of Olsztyn

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The Coat of Arms of Olsztyn shows the figure of St. James the Elder dressed in a long robe, with
a pilgrim’s cane in his right hand and a shell in the left, with a hat on his head and a halo around it. The image of the apostle, executed in AD44, has appeared on the seals of the city since the 14th century. St. James was a patron of the first parish church in Olsztyn and over the years became also the patron of the city. The coat of arms of Olsztyn has essentially not changed for more than 660 years of the existence of the city. Almost always the figure of St. James has appeared on it, but the way it was presented depended on the spirit of the age. The current pattern originates from 1982 and refers to its oldest Gothic version. The appearance of the existing one is strictly defined by the resolution of the city council. Today, in Olsztyn we can admire several historical images of the coat of arms. The bas-relief on the tenement house on 3 Mrongowiusza street presents itself unprecedentedly.
The image of the coat of arms is also engraved above the entrance to the town hall. Changes in the coat of arms are the leading theme of the stained glass windows that adorn the town hall meeting room.

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