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Patron of Olsztyn

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Although the Polish name for the patron is Jacob (Jakub) it is translated as James in English

Olsztyn’s patron is the apostle St. James the Elder. He was a brother of St. John and the first apostle who was martyred. In the 7th century, his remains were brought from Jerusalem to  Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where his tomb is located to this day. Olsztyn is one of the stages of St. James’s Route which leads to his grave. The Apostle is also the patron of Spain and Portugal and, among others, pilgrims, fishermen, pharmacists, warriors and workers. He is presented as a wanderer in a long tunic and a soft hat with a brim. His attributes in Olsztyn’s versions are a pilgrim’s cane and a shell. Sometimes he is depicted with a book, leather water bag, sword, sack, Turkish turban or scroll. St. James has been connected with the city of Olsztyn since he was chosen as a patron of the first church in Olsztyn, today’s Co-Cathedral Basilica. Additionally, the Old Town bridge over the Łyna River was given his name. The monument of St. James can be found at the Fish Market and one can rest in the Jakubowo Park in the Zatorze district. There is also a Jakubowa Band which brings a joyful mood, and the city celebrates James’s Days (Dni Jakubowe), when the mayor admits the statuette of St. James.

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