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Olsztyn. Be Active!

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The “Olsztyn. Be Active!” project has succeeded not only in promoting healthier living among the citizens of Olsztyn, but also in exposing them to the many available forms of fitness. There’s something for everyone and the range available activities is getting wider year by year. Forget the various excuses not to do jogging or going to the gym. Exercise is a health benefit and a fun pastime – as long as we find the right discipline or recreational activity for ourselves.

The project fits in the idea of Olsztyn as a “slow city” or a “garden city”, one that is friendly to its inhabitants and supports a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. Events are held from spring to autumn. The main objective of the campaign is to popularize active leisure, promote the recreational sties of Olsztyn, and to explore the history and culture of the city and the region.
As such, “Olsztyn. Be Active!” also promotes tourism and sightseeing. It is yet another way of encouraging tourists to come to Olsztyn and join the recreational, cultural, and sports events that the city has to offer.

This campaign launched in March 2010. The activities offered initially included canoe trips, biking tours, guided hiking, Nordic walking, run/walk events, downhill biking, and others. The subsequent editions expanded to even more disciplines, including yoga, tai chi, gravitational cycling, horseback riding, golf, spin fishing, diving, rock climbing, and many more.
Activities are usually held outdoors, at the Olsztyn parks, the Town Forest, or the lakes, but they are also available at participating partner centres, such as pools and fitness clubs.

As we all know, common efforts unite people. “Olsztyn. Be Active!” contributes to creating bonds between the people involved in this venture. A dedicated forum has been launched for the participants to exchange information, advice and news. The forum is divided into categories that represent the individual disciplines within the project.

Any and all information about the events can be found on the campaign website at

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