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When we interviewed the Olsztyn seniors on city attractions which are the most appealing to people aged 55+, most of them pointed to the ones they could enjoy with their grandchildren. Therefore, when extending our proposals for seniors, we mainly focus on the ones that are family-friendly and where multiple generations can spend their time together.

As an additional comment: it turns out that being in your twilight years does not have to limit your options – the seniors we talked to are mobile, active, and enjoy recreation and sports. It’s a fact we are happy to hear, as it means that they have plenty activities to choose from when spending their time in Olsztyn.

The Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
The museum offers numerous exhibits, including Copernicus’ astronomical table– Olsztyn’s most valuable memento of the great astronomer. It also features the permanent exhibition “Nicolaus Copernicus – a resident of the Olsztyn Castle”.
ul. Zamkowa 2
Free admission on Wednesdays (permanent exhibitions only).

Natural History Museum in Olsztyn
The permanent exhibition “The Animals of Warmia and Mazury”.
ul. Metalowa 8
Free admission on Saturdays.

The Technology and Regional Development Centre “Museum of Modernity” in Olsztyn
The museum is located at the former Raphaelsohns’ sawmill, next to the Central Park. The exhibition covers topics related to the development of Olsztyn and the surrounding region.
ul. Knosały 3B
Free admission.

The Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn
The second-largest planetarium in Poland. Presentations include astronomy programmes, educational screenings, full-dome movies.
Planetarium – al. Piłsudskiego 38
Observatory – ul. Żołnierska 13

Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn
ul. 1 Maja 4 

The Puppet Theatre in Olsztyn
ul. Głowackiego 17 

The Feliks Nowowiejski Warmia and Mazury Philharmonic in Olsztyn
ul. Głowackiego 1 

BWA Art Gallery in Olsztyn
al. Piłsudskiego 38 

Olsztyn, which bears its title of a “garden city” proudly, contains numerous parks that serve as meeting, recreation and picnicking spots. The Podzamcze Park is one the most well-known and popular of those. 2015 saw completion of the Podzamcze Park restoration project that lasted a few years. The Park, located near the Old Town, is the largest one in Olsztyn. It is a traditional scenic park. The park area borders two picturesque railway bridges, the Warmia Chapter’s Castle, and the Łyna River, all of which contribute to Podzamcze’s one-of-a-kind ambience. The Podzamcze Park and the city’s Central Park (the latter opened in summer 2014) together form a new pedestrian and recreation trail across Olsztyn’s centre. The Central Park was established at a site that once encompassed only wastelands and neglected banks of the Łyna. The central location now features elliptical fountain with special night illumination and a mini amphitheatre with beautiful views of the cathedral. Jakubowo, located by al. Wojska Polskiego, is a parks-and-recreation complex whose qualities were appreciated as early as the mid-nineteenth century, with multiple cafes, lounges, and leisure/recreation infrastructure constructed even then. Kortowo is, in turn, the largest academic campus in Poland.

The city limits encompass eight large lakes and several smaller ones – an impressive total of 11 – ofover 700 hectares, with smaller ponds peppered throughout. Lakes Ukiel, Skanda, Kortowskie, Redykajny and Tyrsko are all great spots for sunbathing and lakeside fun.

A modern sports and tourism complex encompassing three locations around the largest body of water in Olsztyn – Lake Ukiel. The main building of the Centre is located at ul. Kapitańska. The complex holds, among others: sports equipment rentals with over 200 different watercraft and other sporting goods, and three bathing beaches. The second major part of the “CRS Ukiel” – the Olsztyn Canoeing Centre – is located at ul. Olimpijska. The third section of the complex is the Water and Ice Sailing Centre in Olsztyn, and can be found at ul. Sielska. 

The largest urban park in Europe. A perfect site for walks, cycling, Nordic walking and canoeing. The cycling route system of the Town Forest is a well-thought out network of roads and paths that offer various levels of challenge. The forest also contains two ropes courses.
The “Hardcore” Ropes Course, Town Forest at ul. Radiowa, 
The Forest Ropes Course, Town Forest, next to the Forest Stadium, 

The city offers to recreation lovers – regardless of their age – the public “Olsztyn. Be Active!” activity package. There are dozens of recreational disciplines available, including senior favourites such as Nordic walking, guided tours and lakeside workout. Most of the activities are free of charge. For list of activities and schedules see: 

“On the Łyna through Olsztyn” canoeing trips are organized from May to September. The route is easy and accessible even for beginners. The run starts at the castle, by the meadow at the bridge. A three-kilometre-long route goes through the picturesque Łyna canyon in the Town Forest. The final destination is the artificial lake where the Łyna joins the Wadąg River. The entire trip takes around 1.5 hours.
Canoe trip organisers:
Tel. (89) 742-14-30 

Tel. 784-843-000
Tel. 691-211-141 

Tel. 504-089-611 

Olsztyńskie Centrum Kajakarstwa (Olsztyn Canoeing Centre)
Tel. (89) 527-12-03 ext. 300 

PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society), Warmia-Mazury Branch
ul. Staromiejska 1
Tel. (89) 527-36-65 

Salon Rowerowy Czesław Ciućkowski (Bike shop)
ul. Lubelska 41E 

ul. Wczasowa 57
ul. Wyszyńskiego 1 (Cezal) 

ul. Sikorskiego 17 

Adi bike rental
Rentals open at Adi all-night shops at ul. Pstrowskiego 33A, Iwaszkiewicza 10, Tuwima 19, Mochnackiego 7, Mroza 18A, Żołnierska/Dworcowa (walking alleys) and at Amigo shops at Kanta 19 lok. 101 and Żytnia 70B.
Tel. 513-235-885

A water taxi is a state-of-the-art prototype boat equipped with innovative technology. Cruises around Lake Ukiel are scheduled hourly from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
Tel. (89) 527-41-47, 612-97-97 

UWM Equestrian Centre
ul. Słoneczna 51A
tel. (89) 523-37-40

ul. Hozjusza 14A,
Tel. (89) 523-84-61 

Janusz Kojrys, Tourism and Recreation Services
ul. Wędkarska 93
Tel. 89 523 88 02 

Osada Ataman
Gutkowo 71, 11-041 Olsztyn 

A state-of-the-art complex offering a range of water-related activities – sport, recreation and biological rejuvenation. The facility includes: an Olympic pool, a warm-up pool, a recreation zone, biological rejuvenation facilities, a fitness club, a restaurant, a sports shop and an underground parking lot.
Al. Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 69B 

Exercise equipment for outdoor training is available at most of the Olsztyn housing estates. Fans of “open-air” gym exercise will find ample opportunities at the “Ukiel” Centre, the Kusociński Park, the “Urania” Hall, the Jordan Garden in Nagórki, and others.

The list of discounts available to seniors can be found at in the ”senior-friendly sites” section.

Sanctuary to the Virgin Mary of Gietrzwałd
ul. Kościelna 4, 11-036 Gietrzwałd 

The Kudypy Arboretum
One of the youngest botanical gardens in Poland, located right next to the western border of Olsztyn. The arboretum can be reached via public transport (bus line no. 107), by bike or by car. 

Mushroom picking
In autumn the forests around Olsztyn are full of mushrooms.

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