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Olsztyn for children

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Every child is an explorer by nature. They willingly get to know new places and easily absorb knowledge... but only if it is given in an interesting way. Certainly no youngster in Olsztyn will complain about boredom. It is a city friendly to children, giving them numerous attractions, whether educational, sport, sightseeing or recreation.

Kids are offered good fun during various events; the summer ones take place within the Olsztyn Artistic Summer and in December there is the Warmia Christmas Fair.

Visiting Olsztyn with a child is well worthwhile no matter what time of the year it is. In the summer a great form of entertainment would be spending time at the lakes, which there is no shortage of in and around the city. Particularly children-friendly are the Town Beach by Lake Ukiel, and a lido and a marina by Lake Kortowskie.

Recreation in winter and summer

Time in the fresh air can also be spent in Olsztyn's parks. one that is perfectly suitable for kids is Kusociński Park with its modern playground, a skate park and a pond with ducks that you can feed. To the delight of children of all ages, the Jordan Park was created with an area of 8,000sqm, featuring among others, merry-go-rounds, rope nets, climbing walls, sandpits and playgrounds. The braver kids can try their strength on the rope routes that are adapted to their capabilities. Pleasant moments are guaranteed in any weather conditions in the playground rooms, an aquatic leisure center “Aquasfera” and other indoor pools. Such activities as film screenings in the cinemas are also provided; for instance – fairytale mornings in Avangarda2 or the latest animations in Helios. And, especially intended for children, the ice skating rinks by the “Urania” Hall and in Pieczewo are opened when the temperature drops below zero.

Learning through play

Olsztyn is also a city that presents to children history and scientific subjects in an accessible way. Via the interesting exhibits, the following museums: Warmia and Mazury, wildlife, zoological or sport – attract the attention of the kids. Curiosity about the Universe is awakened in them thanks to the astronomical observatory and the planetarium, with programmes especially prepared for the youngest. The Olsztyn Puppet Theatre cares for the cultural development of children. Apart from instructive performances on stage, it also shows how the theatre works from the backstage area. The child-friendly libraries, both traditional and multimedia such as Abecadło and Planeta 11, cater for the educational aspect.    

On friendly terms with nature


A considerable attraction for the little ones will also certainly be a close contact with nature. Stepping up eye to eye with animals is a wonderful adventure which you can experience by visiting the stud farms and paddocks for goats, llamas and sheep in Kortowo. Riding a horse or feeding the sheep will surely trigger emotions in every child. They will definitely enjoy going for a walk and coming across new, previously unknown species of plants in the Forest Arboretum in Kudypy. In turn, walking and cycling trails allow to explore the most attractive natural surroundings of Olsztyn.

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