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The former Masonic Lodge

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The elite ceremonies, secret oaths, and rituals filled with symbolism – all this took place a century ago in this magnificent building. The Art Nouveau tenement house at 3 Kajki street  was the last seat of the Masonic Lodge in Olsztyn.

The lodge was established in 1888 under the name “Stone over the Łyna River”. After several removals, in 1913 its members built their own office where they operated until the liquidation of the lodge – in 1933 the Nazis reached power and started murdering Freemasons throughout  Germany.
After the war the building became, among other things, a medical clinic, and until recently it housed
a consultation point of Monar (an organisation focused on helping drug addicts and the homeless). In 2008, the house passed into private hands, was renovated and became the seat of a bank and other companies.
The building is located in a former exclusive part of the city, known as the “lounge of Olsztyn”, and it is surrounded by the remains of a residential building area. The road from the station to the centre served a representative function, traces of which can still be admired to this day.

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