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The Church of the Holiest Heart of Jesus

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The magnificent Neo-Gothic building of the Church of the Holiest Heart of Jesus has been used since 1903. It was built according to the project of an architect from Königsberg – Fritz Heitmann. The church of St. Joseph in Olsztyn and the churches in Klebark Wielki, Dywity and Brąswałd are his works as well.

The body of the building consists of one nave and two aisles. The nave is topped by a stellar vault, while the aisles (by which there are situated chapels) are topped by diamond vaults. The presbytery, according to the rule of church orienting, faces the East. The most characteristic element of the body of the building is the tower at the front. It is 83m high, and thus makes the church the highest one among the churches in Warmia and Mazury. The tower is decorated with four gargoyles in the shape of dragon heads. Two lower towers (47m) transcend over the opposite part of the building.

Inside the church, the main altar of 1911 deserves particular attention, as well as four other altars dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The Neo-Gothic font, a pulpit and two confessionals of 1915 also belong to the church’s historical furnishings. Stained glass displaying scenes from the Bible and figures of the saints attracts the attention too.

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