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Feliks Nowowiejski Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic Orchestra

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There is a place in Olsztyn where music is played constantly. It is attended by those, who want to listen to the sounds of a classical symphony, sonata and suite, as well as by the enthusiasts of lighter melodies.
The Olsztyn Concert Hall is the only such facility on Warmia and Mazury. Since 2011 it has been inviting all music enthusiasts to its new premises. Its own premises, after long years of its musical activity.
The history of this activity dates back to 1946, when the Small Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Musicians’ Trade Union conducted by its founder – Mirosław Dąbrowski – gave the first concert in Olsztyn. In the 1950s, the band played regular concerts.
Another important date is 1962 – the band was given the name of Feliks Nowowiejski, an outstanding composer, conductor and a pedagogue, who was born in Barczewo. As he lived in Olsztyn, between 1893 and 1900, he played in an orchestra of the grenadier regiment and after that he was the organist at St James church.
On being given the patron’s name, the band became the State Symphonic Orchestra. In 1973 it was transformed into a philharmonic orchestra, which has borne the present name since 2005. At present, there are 80 musicians who play in the orchestra.
Apart from numerous concerts, the facility educates the youth by organising musical meetings for children, pupils and students. Concert cycles and broadcasts from NY Metropolitan Opera are particularly popular among the items of the facility’s repertoire.
The current repertoire.


Telephone: 89 527 51 75 w. 134, 135

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