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The Regional Public Library was created in 1950 and officially opened a year later. Its first headquarters became the Old Town Hall in Olsztyn’s Old Town. In 1971 it was named after Emilia Sukertowa-Biedrawina (1887-1970), the regional social activist and writer. Since 2004, on the initiative of the library, “Wawrzyn” – a Literary Prize of Warmia and Mazury is awarded.

Over the years, the library underwent several organizational changes. In 1985 its headquarters  became a building at 1 May street, which was renovated and adapted to its needs. The library still operates here today, even though it was supposed to remain in this office only for five years because of the condition of the building, which went through a complete renovation only in the years 2010-12. Currently, the main library, interlibraries, a reading room, and a few other departments are still located in the Old Town Hall .

The building at 1 May street was founded in 1879 and was counted amongst the most prestigious in the city. Due to the close relationship of Herman Rhode, the owner of the villa, and the Mayor, Oscar Belian, the latter spent here the last years of his life and died in 1918. In the interwar period the building was known as Suckow Villa.

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Telephone: 0048 89 524 90 32

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