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Czesław Niemen Amphitheatre

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The Amphitheatre is the cultural heart of Olsztyn’s Old Town. It is located by the castle, in its old moat. Nearby the main entrance to the Amphitheatre there is “Kopernik’s bench” – a distinctive monument of the great astronomer.

Although the location has always attracted artists, the first stage was not built until 1978. In 2006 there began a thorough renovation of the Amphitheatre. Two years later, a modern facility was re-opened, with a professional, roofed stage, 1300 seats and a complex of underground rooms. Moreover, the Amphitheatre was named after Czesław Niemen.

Under the auditorium there is an intimate room for 78 spectators, dressing rooms for the artists and toilets. Lifts are a considerable facilitation for the disabled, as they provide a convenient access to the lower level of the facility.

Thanks to the Amphitheatre, the Old Town is vibrant with life during the summer season. The Amphitheatre is the main stage for Olsztyn’s Summer of the Arts, held annually. Concerts, artistic performances and other pastime performances take place here and movies are screened as well.

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