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Salt Storage

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Object's description

Olsztyn’s Salt Storage is really a barracks for the castle guard. They owe their present name to the 20-years long period from the 19th century when they were used to store salt.

The rectangular red brick building, based on the outer walls of the castle, was built in the 16th century, and it consisted of two residential chambers, an armoury, a kitchen, a hallway and a storage in the attic.
The location of this building was not accidental. The once nearby castle bridge (the present bridge at this place is called the Lovers Bridge) provided the only road to the Warmia Chapter Castle.

After 1945 for many years it housed the State Archives, though later the building fell into disrepair. After the acquisition by the Museum of Warmia and Mazury it was subjected to revitalization. During the works, its true destiny was discovered, as well as the  floor from the 16th century, pottery and the equipment of the era. On an everyday basis, up in the attic, educational activities for children and teenagers are conducted by the museum staff. The remains of the partition walls and floors uncovered by the archeologists can be seen on the ground level of the building.


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