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Jakubowo Park

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ul. Wojska Polskiego

The beginnings of this historical recreational and relaxation park date back to 1862. Thanks to over 150 years of its existence, it has acquired the status of a cult relaxation centre among the inhabitants of Olsztyn.

The park extends between the Łyna and Wojska Polskiego Alley. Although it covers an area of only 10 ha, during a walk one may easily find themselves in the 1400 ha City Forest. The beautiful, natural neigbourhood highlights the charm of the paths that lead around the pond with a fountain and Mummel Lake – which are full of aquatic birds. We can relax here near trees (the oldest oak is 28 m high and has 430 cm in circumference) while sitting on one of the numerous benches or just lying down on the grass. A playground has been arranged in the park centre. Nearby, there are tennis courts and the historical building of the Education and Culture Initiative Centre where musical performances, exhibitions and other cultural events are held.
In the central part of the park stands the monument commemorating the Warmian-Masurian Heroes of the National and Social Liberation, created by Bolesław Marschall. It replaced a German plebiscitary monument in 1972.
The advantages of Jakubowo were already appreciated in the XIXth century. Since then, there have been two elegant restaurants, dancing stages, and colourfully illuminated fountains. Nearby, one may find the remains of the Forest Stadium, two war cemeteries, a shooting range, and two rope courses. A blue tourist trail leads through Jakubowo, and the paths that go along the river and through the forest encourage one into indulging in longer walking and cycling trips.

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