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Long Lake (Jezioro Długie)

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Long Lake is a unique point on the recreational map of the city. It is situated almost in the city center, but quickly and conveniently brings us to the Town Forest. When in search of relaxation and contact with nature, one simply must go there.

The shape of the lake corresponds well with its name. The elongated reservoir stretches over 1.5km,and covers almost 27ha. The deepest point reaches 17m. The north-eastern shores are covered with forests and on the south-western side the housing estate At the Long Lake (Nad Jeziorem Długim) is widely spread. In the middle, the two banks are connected by the bridge known as the Lovers Bridge.

The recreational values of the area have been appreciated by both residents and visitors for years. But it was the development of the banks of the lake in 2012 that brought leisure activities to the next level. It was at this time that the 5.5km walking and cycling route around Long Lake was opened. The deck chairs and benches were set aside so that not only the anglers have an improved access to the water.

Now the lakeside is teeming with walkers, cyclists, families having picnics, as well as athletes who can train in the picturesque natural setting. Next to the tracks there are green fitness trails, where at a number of stations one can take good care of their body.

But not always did Long Lake encourage one to visit. From the 50s of the 20th century the sewage degraded this reservoir and after 20 years it became the most polluted lake in the city. In the 80s, the first attempts to rescue it ended in failure. After that, the rehabilitation of the lake was started by scientists from the University of Agriculture and Technology (now UWM:  the University of Warmia and Mazury). For 10 years air was forced into the water and then agents reducing the excess of phosphorus were introduced. Thanks to these efforts, the lake returned to life. Along the banks and in the water one can still find the remains of the installation which “resuscitated” the reservoir, making it one of the few examples in the country of effective reclamation technology. The lake connects the rest of the city and the Town Forest with the blue walking trail and the network of cycle lanes.

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