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Track Lake (also Trackie Lake)

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Object's description

Track Lake can also be called “the lake of the spectrum”. It has already once disappeared from Olsztyn’s landscape only to suddenly return.

It is situated in the eastern part of the city, in the district of Green Hill (Zielona Górka). The name was taken from the place called Track – among the assets of which is an historic manor house which dominates the northern shore of the reservoir.

In the mid19th century the natural outflow of the lake was deepened, which meant that in 1880 it turned into a swamp, and in 1917 into a dried meadow. The lake renewed, as early as the next decade, after a series of drainage errors in the construction of the railway embankment. Today the reservoir is just over 50ha, 1.5km long, 0.5km wide and the depth does not exceed 5m. Although the lake is situated on the outskirts of Olsztyn, it attracts water recreation enthusiasts and anglers alike. The following fish can be caught here: carp, roach, bream, and pike. This lake is appreciated by ice sailors because it freezes the fastest in the city due to its small depth. At the southern end of the lake runs a stud farm and a little further away a motocross track was established.

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