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Ukiel Lake

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Ukiel Lake is Olsztyn’s record-holder as it is the largest and the deepest lake in the city. When we look at its shape, it turns out that it is also the most “crooked” - hence its common name Crooked Lake (Jezioro Krzywe).

The reservoir with an area of 412ha is located in the north-western part of Olsztyn. It has a length of 5.4km and its maximum width is over 1.5km. The coastline is well-developed and diversified, and it consists of a number of charming bays and peninsulas. The largest peninsula is Ostrów, which separates the Gulf of Copernicus (Zatoka Kopernika) from the Przejma central reservoir called the Pacific (here is the greatest depth of 43m). Apart from these two segments, the lake also consists of the Gulf of Grunwald (basen olsztyński) and Swan Neck (basen łupstychski). These reservoirs are combined together by the isthmuses of intriguing names: the Lion’s Mouth, the Black Gate, and the Curve (Lwia Paszcza, Czarne Wrota i Zakręt).

Although the shores of the lake are mostly high and steep, good access to water is to be found almost everywhere, which is beneficial for both the amateurs of wild beaches and those who prefer more developed areas. The anglers praise the reservoir especially for its robust bream, pike and perch.

The sailors favour its complex infrastructure, marinas, and the possibility to rent equipment from one of the two marinas: “Warmia” – a marina belonging to the “Sunny Glade” Sports and Recreation Centre (OSiR) or “Breeze” Scout Water Activity Centre. 

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