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The mansion in Track

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A beautifully situated historic mansion in the village of Track neighbours the remains of the park and one of the oldest cemeteries in Olsztyn. This often undiscovered and overlooked building among tourists, lies at the eastern end of the city, by the lake Track. Its origins in some sense date back to the then existing medieval assets of the knights, which were taken over by the Polish Grzymała family at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. It was they who, in the late 19th century, raised the building preserved to this day. Decades later, the mansion passed into the hands of the German Belian family. Then, Oskar Belian, who went down in history as
an outstanding mayor of Olsztyn, was born here . After 1945 the manor belonged to the State Agricultural Farm (PGR), fell into disrepair and is now waiting for better times. One is reminded of the past glory of the Track estate not only by a broad view of the lake. A park with numerous monuments of nature stretches out on the east side. On its edge there is a neglected ancestral graveyard where Georg Belian, Oscar’s father, is buried. The gravestone from 1868 is one of the oldest in Olsztyn. And for those who like mysteries, in the park you can also find the entrance to a secret underground area!

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