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Barracks of the artillery

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Koszary Artyleryjskie

The barracks at the current Artyleryjska street is one of the oldest complexes of its kind in Olsztyn. It was created in the years 1887-1889 by the Łyna River (on the opposite bank of the river there were already the Dragoon's Barracks).


In 1889 new barracks were taken by the 2nd squadron of 16th Artillery Regiment of West Prussia, which moved to Olsztyn from Grudziądz. Still in the same year the expansion of the complex began – and the following buildings were added: the fire station, stables, soldier's houses, workshops and the staff building. After the squadron left the city in 1901, the barracks were handed over to the 73rd Field Artillery Regiment, which a year later was given the name the “Mazurski” regiment. In 1902, the officers’ casino and a residential building for the families of the soldiers were commissioned.


The buildings, both residential and technical-inventory, have been kept in a Neo-Romanesque style. Most of the barracks, both from the first and second period of their construction, have been preserved to this day (26 of them were inscribed onto the register of monuments). Till the 90s of the last century they were used by the Polish Army. Currently, they locate a number of businesses.

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