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The Church of Saint Simon and Saint Jude the Apostle

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Jana Pawła II 3 Dywity

In 1897 in Dywity, a village near Olsztyn, was built a neo-Gothic church that, except for some war damage, has been preserved till this day in a perfect state. It was constructed on the site of a Gothic church which had been built in the middle of the XIV century, and demolished at the beginning of the XIXth century. The hill, which the first church had been built on, was not accidental. It used to be a place of pagan worship. The bell tower, erected at the turn of the XVth and the XVIth centuries, was a part of the previous building, and has been a part of the second church as well. Two tiers were added to the tower in the XIXth century. The neo-Gothic was made of red bricks. Its hall interior has been equipped with a stellar vault. Among the church fittings, tourists can admire elements such as the main altar from 1895, wooden side altars, the neo-Gothic pulpit from the XIX century, two decorated confessionals and an organ from the XIXth century, the historical baptismal font, wall paintings, statues of saints, and decorated Stations of the Cross. The three sculptures that can be found here – one of the Risen Christ, two allegoric – are from the XVIII century.

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