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House of “Olsztyn Daily”

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Targ Rybny 1, Olsztyn

The two-storey red brick building formerly housing the “Olsztyn Daily” was built in the early 20th century, on the outskirts of the Fish Market in Olsztyn’s Old Town. In the years 1920-1939 it was the location for the editorial office and the printing house of Olsztyn Daily, which propagated Polishness. The current edifice is
a reconstruction of an authentic building, which was ostentatiously destroyed by the Germans in November 1939. Earlier, already on the outbreak of World War II, the Gestapo invaded the headquarters of Olsztyn Daily and arrested its editor-in-chief Seweryn Pieniężny Junior. The publishing house was liquidated and its assets transferred to a German newspaper. After the reconstruction, which began in 1988, the building was put into use on 1st September 1989.

Today, it houses a bookstore and one of the branches of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury. We will learn about here closer to the history of Olsztyn, as well as the traditions of the Polish press in Warmia and Mazury. In addition to the permanent exhibitions the museum also presents temporary exhibitions. On the wall of the building there is a plaque commemorating the 200th anniversary of the national anthem Mazurek Dąbrowskiego


Telephone: +48 89 534 01 19

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