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Archpriest’s Palace

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Stanisława Staszica 5

The archpriest’s palace, also known as the bishop’s palace, is located in the city centre, nearby the Old Town, the Łyna river and a picturesque park. St James’ cathedral is also close to it.

The palace was built between 1771 and 1772 in a Neo-Baroque style. Back then it was an unimpressive, two-storey building. Within the following years it underwent a number of renovations and re-buildings. The Art-Nouveau elements on the façade are the effect of one of these renovations, at the beginning of the 20th century. Consequently, the palace lost the features of its original style. However, thanks to its tasteful ornamentation, it has become more interesting visually. There is a decorative coat-of-arms cartouche placed on a three-storey avant-corp at the main entrance.

From its creation until 1907, (when the building was restructured,) the palace was the seat of the archpriest. After that, it became the bishop’s palace for many years. Currently, since it is the seat of the senior archbishop of the Warmia Archdiocese, the interior is not available for tourists.

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