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Olsztyn Puppetry

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Bartosza Głowackiego 17

Olsztyn Puppetry is a place in Olsztyn where the puppets come to life, as well as children’s dreams. It is the only puppetry in the voivodeship. The shows are enjoyed not only by the children – the adults are moved into a magical world as well.

The theatre came into being in 1954, although it had existed as an association a year before. The first shows awarded at numerous festivals were created at this time. The successes of the team contributed to the official creation of the Olsztyn Puppetry in 1986. After three years, it was given new premises, in which it has been situated up to now.

The theatre is open for patrons of every age group. Apart from the original Stage for Children, a Stage for Youth and Adults was created in 2000. The shows take plays in two auditoria: an intimate, cosy one – for 65 patrons – and a (more) spectacular one – for 140 patrons.

The facility organises theatrical classes and over-regional festivals as well. These are the Student Theatrical Three-day festival (Studencka Trzydniówka Teatralna) and the annual Olsztyn Week of Puppetries (Olsztyński Tydzień Teatrów Lalkowych) “Anima.” 


Telephone: 0048 89 538-70-30

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