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The Beyer Villa

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Feliksa Szrajbera 1 Olsztyn

The antique building of the Beyer Villa on the market square at 1 Szrajber street can boast about its rich history. It was built between 1894-1895 and was named the Beyer Villa after a wealthy industrialist, Louis Beyer, who led to its creation and resided in here. The villa was built from red brick, in the style of the French Neo-Renaissance. The construction is dominated by a corner tower, thanks to which it was also called “a little castle” or a “little Orthodox Church”. After World War II the villa was renovated for the needs of the Polish-Soviet Friendship Society, which began to officiate in here. The ideological lectures, a café, and a small cinema showing Soviet films were held. Then, it functioned as a Teaching College, and now it houses a bank. In 1989, the villa was entered into the register of monuments. An interesting fact is that it is the only building in the area of Plac Roosevelta street which has survived to the present days in its original form, although several demolitions were planned.

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