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The Town Nursing Home

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A massive and stately building on the slope of Mariańska street, specifically number 3, begs for the opportunity to already be admired from afar. However, this over hundred-year old witness of the turbulent history of Olsztyn is discreetly hidden in the greenery and as a result appears to be even more attractive when viewed from close-up. The Town Nursing Home of the Imperial Couple William and Augusta Victoria was built in 1911-13 and designed by the city architect Max Boldt. It served as a hospice with a care and
a maternity ward. In 1945, after the occupation of Olsztyn by the Russians, the Red Army stationed themselves here, and after them – the Polish Army – and Since 1949, a bishop’s curia and an episcopal seminary had their headquarters here. In 1962 the seminary was moved to the building at Plac Bema street, from where, in turn, a nursing school was shifted, which in 1974 was established in the new building next door. Currently in this multi-storey building, a dormitory of a post-secondary medical school and the Marshal’s Office departments are seated. In 2011 the building was completely renovated restoring it to its former glory.

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