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The fire station

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For over a hundred years, firefighters left this Neo-Renaissance fire station in order to rescue people and property. The building was built between 1908-1909 on the wave of the dynamic development of the city. The very same period, a few years later, led to the rise of a new town hall. This is not the end of the similarities of the seat of these authorities – both buildings were designed by the city architect Max Boldt.

As the former headquarters in High Gate were unsuited to firefighters’ purposes, they moved their station to the new building characterised by its interesting, and varied form (for example there is a tower clock and a siren). Interestingly enough, it was here where David Mendelsohn was the first deputy commandant , father of the famous architect Erich Mendelsohn.

Around the new headquarters a granary, garages, workshop, stables and veterinary point were built. The firefighters use these rooms to this day, though not all in accordance with their original purpose. Currently, the main building is home to the city and regionalheadquarters of the Fire Service of Poland.

Standing at the gate of the property there is a monument “Memorial to the fallen firefighters in action” by Agnieszka Janek-Maślanka which was founded in 2002 on the 1st anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks.

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