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The Podzamcze Park

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The Podzamcze Park (also known as the Castle Park) is the largest park in Olsztyn, located in the Old Town, on the Łyna River, around the remains of the old city walls, and - as the name suggests - right near the castle. It has a unique climate that is appreciated by the locals and the tourists alike.

The park is divided into three parts: northern (between the railway viaducts and Nowowiejskiego street), middle (between Nowowiejskiego street and St John’s bridge), and southern (between the bridges of St John and St James). It is worth going for a walk at any time of the year – in the spring or summer among the flowers and lush greenery of the chestnut trees, maples, alders, and in autumn – when the trees delight with the richness of their colourful foliage.

In the park there is a bust of Nicolaus Copernicus and a boulder dedicated to the memory of Seweryn Pieniężny. Noteworthy are also the freestanding sculptures by Olsztyn artists, including the “Long-tail Mermaid”, “Spring” and “Łyna”. There are also two fountains, adorned with scupltural works: the “Symphony of birds” by Ryszard Wachowski and Antoni Szczypczyński and “Baby on the fish” by Balbina Świtycz-Widacka. The park is diverse, partly surrounded by  high escarpments and it is crossed by walking alleys lying at different levels. The axis of the park makes a riverbed over which, apart from road bridges, several footbridges were built. Near the castle, partitioning the river, there is a threshold called “Niagara”.

Nearby stands the villa “Casablanca” from 1912-1913 (formerly the Garrison Club), which after renovation will become a restaurant and apartments for rent. Currently, the Podzamcze Park is subjected to a complex revitalization which runs in phases – starting from the northern part. The space of the park is arranged by the preservation of the paramount elements. The fountains and walking paths are being renewed and new lanes, alleys, bike paths and footbridges are coming into existence. In the park there also appear new benches, litter bins, bike racks, lighting, and new compositions of shrubs and flowerbeds.

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