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The thematic trip "The Charms of the Old Town"

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This trip allows learning the most attractive architectural monuments of the Old Town. It consists of eight stages that lead through streets that can be easily crossed by handicapped persons. These streets present the particular buildings significant for the history of the city.

Total length: 2000 m
Time duration: about  60 min. (plus time for sightseeing)
Participants: those people of various ages interested in history and architecture.

Stages of the trip:

1. The maquette of the Old Town
50 m, 3 min.

We start the trip from learning the arrangement of the Old Twin buildings. It is presented by a maquette installed to commemorate the 660th anniversary of Olsztyn. It shows the most important monuments on a 1:500 scale. Due to the fact that it is not high, it can be easily viewed by people in wheelchairs. Additionally, specially for the blind, it has descriptions written in the Braille alphabet.

2. Stary Ratusz (The Old City Hall)
250 m, 10 min. (plus time for sightseeing)

Next, we move on to the nearby Old City Hall, the southern wing of which dates from the XIVth century. Nowadays, it is the building of the Voivodeship Public Library. It is worthwhile to look inside, since very often there are painting and photography exhibitions presented in the yard. Later on, from ul. Stare Miasto we turn to ul. Zamkowa and go towards the castle until we see an amphitheater on the left.

3. Amfiteatr im. Czesława Niemena (The Amphitheater of Czesław Niemen)
100 m, 5 min. (plus time for sightseeing)

This is a modern concert object and the main stage for cultural events that are a part of the Olsztyn Artistic Summer. It lays in the place which used to be a foss which protected the castle. The amphitheater has been adjusted to the needs of handicapped persons. It has a lift that goes to the lower level and provides access to the concert halls and toilets. From the amphitheater, it is very close to the greatest of Olsztyn's monuments.

4. The Castle of the Warmian Chapter
300 m, 12 min. (plus time for sightseeing)

The courtyard of the castle can be visited free of charge. From here, we will see the particular wings of the castle and the tower. In the centre, there is a well, next to which stands a sculpture from pagan times, the so-called Prussian Baba. We leave the courtyard via the wrought gates, one of which dates back to the XVIIIth century. We move along a trail, which was built in the place of a former bridge over the foss, and go farther along ul. Zamkowa. On the left, we pass by the Neo-Gothic evangelical church of Christ the Saviour from the end of the XIXth century. Once more we enter ul. Stare Miasto to quickly turn left to ul. Staromiejska. We can see our next goal at its end.

5. Wysoka Brama (The High Gate)
500 m, 15 min.

This is the Gothc High Gate, which used to be called the Upper Gate and comes from the XIVth century. It is the most well-preserved element of the former city's stockade. Today, there are hotel rooms organized in its premises. In 2003, on the so-called blind window of the gate, on the side facing the old town, was placed a glass mosaic depicting the Mother of God – it is a gift brought here from Rome by the pope John Paul II. After viewing the monument from the outside, we go back to ul. Staromiejska. We go along this street to the crossing with ul. Św. Barbary.

6. The concathedral basilica of St. James the Apostle
300 m, 12 min. (plus time for sightseeing)

At the crossing we turn left and then right to ul. Długosza, which leads along the concathedral basilica of St. James the Apostle. We have a view of the side and rear part of the church. One should walk around the whole building and take a look at the interior to see the architectural nuances and historical objects. In order to avoid the stairs leading to ul. Staszica, we leave the area from ul. Długosza and then turn right to enter ul. Staszica. Next, we turn left to ul. Prosta.

7. The bridge of St. John of Nepomuk
400 m, 5 min.

On both sides of the street, which used to be the main communication artery of the city, we can admire buildings of various historical origins. We move down the street until we reach the Łyna. The bridge over this river is named after St. John of Nepomuk, and the monument of this saint decorates the bridge. One has only go by the river to take some relaxation in the park.

8. Park Podzamcze (The Castle Grounds Park)
100 m, 3 min.

If we still are not exhausted, it is worthwhile to take the road along the Łyna, admire the nice surroundings or just feed the ducks that live near the river. One can find a moment of rest, too, in the nearby coffee house garden.

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